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Bybit V5 (API Upgrade)


Bybit V5 API Upgrade

On October 16th Bybit will be upgrading their API to V5. They will also be turning off the Legacy V2 API which Tealstreet has been making use of for classic (non-UM) accounts.

  • This will affect all users who are using Bybit Classic (Non-Unified) accounts on Tealstreet.

In the interrim period, we will be migrating all Bybit Classic accounts to the new v5 system. This will allow us to continue to support Bybit accounts on Tealstreet.

You can read more about it from Bybit's official documentation here


Existing Unified Accounts will not be affected by this migration & upgrade


  • API Keys may need to be regenerated after the upgrade if you are having trouble connecting to Bybit.

  • If you are having trouble with accessing Bybit after the upgrade, please reach out to us for support.