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Basic Charts

This section will go over the Basic Chart functionality of Tealstreet

Basic Chart


  • Can duplicate/remove windows with the + button at top of frame
  • Top bar settings persist through refreshes
  • Position & Size saved in TS workspace layout
More info

Basic Chart (Detailed)
1. The Plus button can be used to duplicate or remove a Basic Chart window
2. The top header (Ticker & Timeframe) is the only section that preserves its settings across refreshes. Changes made inside the chart will not be preserved
3. When the workspace is unlocked you can drag bottom corner to expand/shrink the window. These settings will be saved as part of the workspace profile that is currently active

Additional Information

Some additional information can be read about here from the blog post by Sam


The Basic Chart window is a standalone window that can be used to display a chart of any instrument on TradingView. A common use of it is to display a chart of some other instrument you are interested in such as an index or the dollar.


You will not be able to trade positions on the main chart through the basic chart.


Example Layouts

Basic Chart (Detailed)

Basic Chart (Detailed)

Basic Chart (Detailed)