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Browser View

This section will go over how to activate and start using the Browser View module. This is an excellent way to:

Browser View
  • Keep an eye on another tool or chart while trading

    • Embed Aggr to watch the pulse of the asset being traded
    • Tradingview for its alerts from your own TV account if you have one
    • KingFisher for liquidation analysis
    • And more!


Activate a browser view module by going to your Tealstreet Settings

Common Settings

Then enable the Browser View module

Browser View Activation

Browser view does not work inside of the web-browser. This feature is for the Desktop version of Tealstreet. (Technical limitations of browser engines)


Once activated, you can open a new browser view by clicking the "Open Browser View" button in the top bar

Browser View (Highlights)
More info

1. Browser address to display in the module
2. Duplicate/Delete button to add or remove modules
3. Adjustable module size and shape to help with positioning


Example Layouts
Using Aggr to keep track of the current price movement with Tradingview located on the side
Browser View Example

Using Arkham to track inflows on an altcoin launch
Browser View Example 2