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V3 Differences

Version 3

This document serves as a quick handbook to the upcoming V3 changes until the rest of the documents have been retroactively updated.


Additional information can be found in the discord

Core changes

Core changes and behavioral updates

  • The terminal is now serverless by default when it comes to most functionality.

    • Users will be able to opt into certain functionalities if they wish to do so on certain exchanges (e.g. api whitelisting)
    • API Information is no longer stored on Tealstreet servers.
    • Encryption passwords are no longer necessary since the API data never leaves your computer.
  • All of its supporting dependencies are fully up to date (latest security patches etc).

  • It is significantly more performant since large swathes of the codebase have been rewritten.

    • Early impressions before significant backporting of V2 modules suggest somewhere from 200% to 500% faster.
Basic V3 Overview

UI/UX changes

  • By default layouts have keyboard shortcuts disabled and modules are unlocked. You can easily begin to adjust and organize your layout as you desire right from the start.
V3 Basic Options
  • Users can click the three-dots button at the top right of each module while in unlocked mode to drag them around.
  • There are various modules you can quickly bring up or toggle off again that dont need to occupy screen real-estate.
    • As one example the place order module can be hidden 99% of the time, and only brought up as a floating widget when you wish it to be seen
V3 Basic Options 2
  • Another significant change is the ability to collapse portions of the module headers for more screen real-estate.
  • Most modules can support multiple tabs within themselves that can be switched between.
Collapsible module headers
V3 Basic Options 3

V3 is currently in a state of constant flux. Things may change extremely frequently. Especially if using the web version. Users are recommended stay on V2 unless they wish to participate in beta testing.

Account & API changes

The process of linking an API has changed in V3.

For certain exchanges users will be able to opt-in to the Tealstreet network or choose to initiate orders from their own devices

Exchange setup
  • Some exchanges are better supported then others during this initial launch phase of V3
    • Bybit and Binance are excellent choices for starting out.
Exchange setup 2

A non exhaustive list of changes to the behavior and feel of trading on the terminal itself.

  • Switched from ccxt to safe-cex which has dramatically increased the responsiveness and refresh time of the terminal.

  • Chaser orders have been reworked to be more reliable with exchange behavior.

    • including adding/reducing existing positions with chase.
  • Dom trading is now supported (check inside the revamped Place Order module)

  • Native multi-account & Multi Chart support.

  • CLI has been reworked and simplified. Type 'help' in it to get a list of commands.

  • Modules have been bound together so they can be synced to all trade multiple symbols with multiple charts

  • Risk profiler has been integrated directly into the chart. The module itself has been removed.


Additional information can be found in the discord