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What Is Tealstreet?

Tealstreet is a proprietary trading terminal for crypto derivatives (futures, perpetuals). The platform integrates with existing exchanges (such as Bybit and OKEx to route user orders.


Why Tealstreet?

Tealstreet software makes placing orders, managing positions, and all other day-to-day operations more efficient and helps to enhance your trading edge, make sure to review the Terms of Service agreement.

Is Tealstreet Free?

Tealstreet is free to use. We make money through broker deals with the exchange. This is at no extra cost to you, because it works similar to a referral link. This is how all crypto trading terminals work, although many charge their users a monthly fee on top of that. At Tealstreet, we believe if we we provide good free trading tools to our traders, then we will both reap the rewards through shared user-Tealstreet growth without having to charge our users anything extra.


Sign up today! There are many great additional features planned for Tealstreet to offer users a more complete trading suite so traders can compete at their best.

For more information on Tealstreet, please take a look around the blog and be sure to read through the guide, the Tealstreet FAQ section. Connect with us and interact with other traders by joining the Tealstreet community located on most major platforms!