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Tealstreet Main Trade Window

This is the main Tealstreet trading window. You will find a number of different features to help you interact and trade. Go ahead and click on the TOUR button to get a brief overview of the different features of Tealstreet.


Primary Trade Settings

In the top right corner of the main trading window you will find the Primary Trade Settings for Tealstreet. You can choose your trading pair, choose your API/Exchange, adjust the sound level, change your main trade settings, lock/unlock the windows and switch between window or full-screen mode.


Market/Trading Pair

To change the 'Market' / 'Trading Pair' click the drop down menu. The primary market your API key is connected to will appear in the center. You can select your favorite pair from this drop down.


Click on the star next to the pair to favorite it. Any favorites will appear in the favorites column.


You can view other market pairs by selecting the "All Markets" tab and selecting the pair under the exchanges offered by Tealstreet.


You will not be able to trade the pair unless you have the API key for that exchanges added to Tealstreet.

API Key Selection

The next drop down menu allows the user to choose their API key. If you have not added an API key this menu will be blank. If you have only one API key connected you will only see one option.



Click on the star next to the API key to favorite it. Any favorites will appear on the favorites bar for easy switching between API keys.

Sound Settings

Tealstreet offers sound effects for different actions across the main trading window. To change the volume level, click the speaker icon and use the slider to find your preferred audio level. Click on the icon to mute all sounds.


Lock/Unlock Button

You can adjust all the windows within the trade page of Tealstreet. You can adjust the size and position of each window. To prevent accidentally moving or changing a window, simply click the 'Lock' button. When the lock icon appears closed, your window settings are locked in place. When the lock icon appears open, your windows settings can be adjusted.


Terminal Settings

You can change the various settings for how you interact and trade using Tealstreet by clicking on the gear icon named "Trade Settings". Once you click it a new window will pop up with multiple sections each of which are defined below:



  • Show Order Notifications: Here you can change where you receive notifications on Tealstreet. Notifications include filled orders, canceled orders, and errors.

  • Sync Basic Chart Symbol: This is on by default and by ticking this it will automatically change the basic TV chart (not the primary TV chart) to match the active market. If it is unchecked, the basic TV chart will stay fixed regardless of the market, useful if you want to keep it on a different symbol symbols/tickers (ex. S&P, GOLD, DXY and more).

  • Close Positions On Chart: Ticking this will enable closing positions using the chart.

  • Optimize TV Chart: This forces the Trading View chart candles to be within the spread of the OB. This helps with illiquid markets since its possible for price to move via orders shifting with no fills; it helps to make a more fluid looking chart. It can also cause slight discrepancies in how the TV chart looks compared to the trading view website.

  • Stops Placed on Chart Close on Trigger:

  • Hotkeys/Chart use Focused Order State:

  • Click Price Auto Populates Limit Order:

  • Show Empty Orderbook Levels: Ticking this will show empty levels on the Orderbook.

Place Order

  • Button Sizes: This setting allows the user to adjust the amount/size of their orders. The 'Place Order' window of Teal Street gives the user 6 buttons for order sizes. Input numbers that reflect your needs, wallet balance, or average trade size. Once you click 'OK', these changes will show in the 'Place Order' window.



Ask yourself what pair you are trading before setting these figures. Choosing appropriate increments depend on your balance, average trading size, and the crypto itself!

  • Quick Offsets: This allow the user to change tick sizes for a Quick Order type.


Changes made to 'Quick Offsets' will show on the Quick Order type in the 'Place Order' window.



For those new to Tealstreet, we recommend changing the Place Order button sizes immediately to fit the size of trades you expect to take.


Here you can define various keyboard shortcuts to interact with the main trading window.



Here you can set the visibility of the various windows in the Terminal.



Toggling the visibility of any of the Teastreet windows off disables it entirely, which can lower the resource demand of the terminal and potentially improve performance


Tealstreet comes with a live Twitter feed! Enable this tile in the visibility tab and adjust settings (notifications & followed categories) in the Twitter tab.


Don't see your favorite trader? Let us know!


  • The bell icon enables/disables the notification bubble in the Twitter feed.


  • You can click the eye symbol to hide an individual trader you don't wish to see. You can reset by clicking clear filter