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14-12-2022 Tealstreet Terminal - 1.52

  • Support for multiple Basic Charts
  • Added position liquidation line to chart
  • Enable / disable liquidation line with toggle
  • Changed enable/disable History Arrows setting to toggle switch
  • Enhanced responsiveness and improved refresh time
  • Dark mode application theme
  • TP/SL bracket orders by dragging the TradingView chart lines
  • PnL Cards
  • Percent Trading Mode
  • ROI vs ROE Percent Support
  • TradingView Chart Fill arrow size and opacity slider
  • Support for Binance CoT partial stops
  • Setting/option to only show favorited markets while focused on Exchange key
  • OKX margin type
  • Check out the full release blog

28-09-2022 Tealstreet Terminal - 1.50

  • New Features Added:
    • Workspaces
    • Execution History on Chart
    • Margin Slider/Cost
    • Favorites Side Bar
    • PnL Percentage (%) Hover
    • Open Orders Window
    • Add/Remove Columns
    • New Hotkeys
    • Trailing Stops on FTX
  • New Beta Features Added:
    • Position History
    • Bracket Orders (beta)
  • Major Improvements and Optimizations to OKEx

20-05-2022 Tealstreet Terminal - 1.40

  • Various Optimizations
    • Instant Order Placement Feedback
    • Realtime Chart Data
    • Desktop App
  • New Features Added:
    • Scaled Orders
    • Second(s) Time Frames on Chart
    • Chart Hover Depth Chart Integration
    • More Notification Control
    • Favorite List Improvements
    • Market Search
  • Various additional hotkeys added as well hot key improvments
  • Various bug fixes

21-02-2022 Tealstreet Terminal Release

  • No more waitlist for new signups
  • Improved stability and increased responsiveness
  • Various bug fixes
  • New Features Added:
    • Second Basic Chart
    • Twitter Feed
    • New Visibility Settings
    • Chart Denominations
  • Check out the full release blog and Twitter Post

11-09-2021 Tealstreet Beta Release

  • New updated version of Tealstreet released for beta users.
  • Phased rollout with waitlist for new signups
  • New Features Added:
    • Two new orderbook/depthchart modes – cumulative, individual, and combined
    • Support for six exchanges – FTX, Binance, Bybit, BitMEX, OKEx, and Phemex
    • Support for perpetual and dated futures in both linear and inverse (USD margined and Coin margined)
    • Combined wallet support to show all of your assets
    • Ability to set size in base or quote currency
    • Order placement in base or quote currency (USD or BTC)
    • Native keyboard shortcuts
    • Multiple account support – see all your positions without having to switch API keys
  • Improved stability and increased responsiveness

15-03-2021 Various Fixes / Updates

  • Fixed bybit testnet
  • Fixed bitmex post order bug

14-03-2021 Various Fixes / Updates

  • Setting to change location of notifications.
  • Increased threshold for websocket disconnect detection.
  • Can choose unit for quick size buttons.
  • Can customize quick order offsets.

09-03-2021 Various Fixes / Updates

  • Fixed loading problem on Safari (iOS / Mac).
  • Fixed websocket connection drop issue.
  • Moved toaster notification boxes to bottom left on desktop machines.
  • Fixed bug where numpad component caused scrolling glitch on close.
  • Made sidenav hidden.
  • Fixed depth chart max depth being half of max depth of orderbook.
  • Increased server capacity.

21-02-2021 Relocated / Updated Server

  • Servers have been moved back because latency was a huge issue for some reason in Singapore.
  • Scaled up the database capacity.
  • Testing out hot swapping updates to prevent any downtime.
  • No feature changes in this update, just server maintenance.