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Apr 20 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.51

  • Changes
    • Add support for BloFin Hedge mode
    • Permit disabling of Bybit IP Whitelisting for other services
  • Fixes
    • Fixes for Runbot
    • Allow longer ClientID's to resolve a bug with importing workspaces
    • Fix an issue with leverage slider
    • Updated some backend systems to improve support for BitMex

Mar 18 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.50

  • Fixes
    • Fix for a race condition when changing exchanges.
    • Fix for an issue when changing exchanges while multi-charting
    • [BingX] Fixes for BingX.

Mar 14 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.49

  • New Features Added
    • [WOOFi] support added
  • Changes
    • Allow toggling of Binance IP Whitelist so other services can be used with API Key. (Traderwagon etc)
    • [BloFin] Better handling of ratelimits
    • Only allow partial TP/SL on positions
    • Only bind stops if order size less then or equal to position size
  • Fixes
    • [Phemex] Fix for a leverage issue.

Feb 16 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.44

  • New Features Added
    • WW2 Pepe PnL card pack added
    • Woodsbot PnL card added
  • Changes
    • Reduced size of toastr notifications on mobile devices
    • [Binance] & [Bybit] adjusted reconnect logic to prevent some cases of throttling
    • [BloFin] Improved handling of some errors
  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug causing elements to re-render too frequently, this should improve performance on slower devices
    • [Phemex] Various fixes for exchange support

Jan 22 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.43

  • New Features Added
    • Economy calendar module added
  • Changes
    • Unbound RR tool from limit order size
    • Changes for Tree News to mitigate throttling/ratelimit issues
  • Fixes
    • Fixes for various PnL cards
    • Fixes for RR tool
    • Various fixes and improvements to multiple systems

Jan 19 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.42

  • Changes
    • Routing changes for Phemex to improve performance and reliability

Jan 18 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.41

  • Changes
    • Order alignment changes to make it easier to separate active positions from resting orders
    • Various performance improvements with order management system
    • [BitMex] various improvements and fixes for exchange support
  • Fixes
    • [BingX] Some fixes for order handling issues
    • Fix for margin window sometimes overflowing
    • Fixed an issue with Runbot webhooks
    • Fixes for equity chart logic

Jan 15 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.38

  • New Features Added
    • [BingX] One-Way leverage adjustment support
  • Changes
    • Screener will now highlight currently selected market
    • Screener will highlight opened positions

Jan 13 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.37

  • New Features Added
    • Added support for trades per second in screener module
  • Changes
    • Minor improvements to screener module
    • [BloFin] Show if position is iso or cross
  • Fixes
    • Fix for numpad decimal issue in place order module
    • Fix for module settings not honoring active theme
    • [BloFin] Fix for reconnection issue

Jan 8 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.34

  • Changes
    • Improvements to speed dialer module
    • Improvements to bracket orders system
  • Fixes
    • [BloFin] Various fixes and improvements
    • various Fixes for RR tool
    • [OKX] Fix for RoE display issue

Jan 5 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.30

  • New Features Added
    • [BloFin] integration finalized
  • Changes
    • Additional preparatory work for supporting BloFin
  • Fixes
    • Fix for clipboard function in regards to exchange ip whitelisting and api key creation

Jan 4 2024 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.29

  • Changes
    • Some final fixes and improvements for [BloFin] integration
    • Added per-ticker support for aggr module
    • Improvements to mark price logic
  • Fixes
    • Fix logo animation resetting incorrectly
    • [Bybit] Fix for position idx order update issue

Dec 20 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.27

  • Changes
    • Preliminary backend support for [BloFin]
    • Improved handling of orders that are only partially filled
    • Various backend improvements and fixes
  • Fixes
    • [Binance] Fix for margin calculation when using cross margin mode
    • [WooX] Another fix for woo balance calculations

Dec 19 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.24

  • New Features Added
    • Support for trigger CLI commands via webhooks (Very Experimental)
  • Changes
    • Improved support and performance for very large quantities of orders
    • Significantly improved error handling for CLI & Webhooks
    • Some improvements to how stops are handled
  • Fixes
    • [WooX] Fix for issue with balance not calculating properly in wallet module

Dec 15 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.22

  • New Features Added
    • All Tickers Chart module added
    • Added support for Aliases in the CLI module
  • Changes
    • Improved performance and stability of CLI module
    • Improvements to the Ticks Chart module to support Bybit
    • Various performance improvements relating to PnL cards
    • Enable News Trading module by default
  • Fixes
    • Fix for Basic Chart sometimes resizing incorrectly
    • Fix for OI Chart sometimes not updating on resize
    • Fix an issue with stop order triggers

Dec 9 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.21

  • Changes
    • Allow quick access to partial tp/sl switch in order panel
    • More improvements to the CLI and Copytrading systems
    • Some improvements to risk profile module performance and formatting
    • Enable Klines Popover support by default
    • Toastr notifications are now grouped together better
    • Various refactoring and improvements to various systems
  • Fixes
    • Fix an issue in the news feed module
    • Some fixes to the Screener module

Dec 2 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.20

  • New Features Added
    • [Bybit] New TP/SL trigger settings for Bybit V5
  • Fixes
    • [BingX] Fix for issue with stop types

Nov 29 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.19

  • New Features Added
    • Global RR tool settings options added
    • Some additional stats for open orders
    • Lots of new memes added to the PnL card gallery
  • Changes
    • Preparing preliminary support for CLI trading
    • Preparing preliminary support for Copytading
    • Some additional error logging added
    • Refactoring of various systems to improve performance and maintainability
    • [Phemex] Reduce frequency of position history update fetching
  • Fixes
    • Some fixes for market import system
    • Fix for issue with 1min chart when using multiple charts
    • Fix for the available margin slider sometimes sticking to a value of zero
    • Fix for Basic Chart sometimes not loading
    • Fix for RR tool decimal issue
    • Fix for sizing issue in the screener module
    • Various fixes for Scaled Order issues
    • A fix for stop size sometimes being miscalculated
    • [Bybit] Various fixes and improvements for the wallet module
    • [BingX] Fix for issue with resting order leverage detection
    • Various other fixes and improvements

Nov 9 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.17(c/d/e)

  • Changes
    • Updated aggr module to support bybit v5 (2.3.17d)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed stops without position for bybit v5 regular derivs (2.3.17c)
    • [Bybit] fixed a bug where bybit inverse positions were not showing when multiple were open for initial couple of mins (e. g. BTC/ETH)

Nov 9 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.15-2.3.17b

  • Changes
    • [Bitget] Update position stop api to v2; re-enabling infinity stops without position (2.3.17b)
    • Reverted all orders improvements due to bugs with number inputs (2.3.15)
    • Fallback to conditional stops on bybit if there's no position opened (2.3.17)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed jumpy scaled order behavior reported by Ashdrake (2.3.16)

Nov 7 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.14

  • Changes
    • Variety of ordering UI improvements (bracket orders, scaled orders, place order)
    • Some screener improvements

Nov 5 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.12b

  • Fixes
    • Mostly addressed perf/latency issues on backend
    • Fixed availableMargin display for Bitmex USDt contracts (pnl% is W-I-P)

Oct 30 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.11d & 2.3.12

  • Changes
    • Market TWAP now supports max 1000 orders & max 24 hours
  • Fixes
    • [Bybit] V5 ratelimiting issue fixed (2.3.11d)

Oct 25 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.11(b/c)

  • Changes
    • Added an option to disable new market notifications
    • [Bybit] Symbol search now defaults to V5 if thats the active exchange (instead of Bybit Classic)
  • Fixes
    • [Mobile] TP/SL buttons sometimes disappearing
    • [ScaledOrders] minor fixes to improve UI/UX
    • [BingX] Fixed a bug with display of iso/cross mode (2.3.11b)
    • [Bybit] Fix for inverse futures tp/sl adjustment issue (2.3.11c)

Oct 23 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.10

  • Skipped due to a bug with mobile TP/SL buttons

Oct 20 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.9

  • Fixes
    • [Phemex] feed issue fixed

Oct 15 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.8

  • Changes
    • beta (alpha.47) has been merged into 2.3.8
    • [Bybit] v5 is available via "V5" checkbox when you create bybit api key, old bybit api keys and apis to be deprecated starting tomorrow, please switch asap

Oct 5 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.7

  • Bugfixes:
    • [TradingView] Fixed Basic & OI charts

Alpha.47 changes

waifu & kawai pnl cards added, wg card updated

[Bitget]: some fixes to minimum order auto-creation (hack to be able to adjust tp/sl for a position)

[PNL Cards]: added more various backgrounds

[Phemex]: improved partial tp/sl via chart by providing an option of selecting a trigger type (last/market)

[Twitter Feed]: improved symbol matching (especially "people")

[Bingx]: started working on auto-adjusting to best-possible leverage, for now WIP

fixed sometimes too fractional (a lot of decimal signs after a dot, now should be based on active market tick size)

fixed Firefox logout issue when there's no api key

added two new pepe images

Alpha.46 changes

[TradingView] Fixed Basic & OI charts

Sep 29 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.6

  • Changes
    • [BingX] Added comp link at the top of terminal

Sep 27 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.5

  • Bugfixes:
    • [BingX] Fixed issue where stop can't be moved

Sep 26 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.4

  • Bugfixes:

    • [BingX] Fixed max leverage calculation, which now depends on concrete user account

    Alpha.44 changes

    Fixed BingX max leverage calculation, which now depends on concrete user account

Sep 25 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.3

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed an issue where TradingView widget fonts were not correctly rendered for some users

    Alpha.43 changes

    TWAP: extended maximum duration to 12 hours, fixed a bug where the reduceOnly flag was not respected as well as improved compatibility w/ TWAPing across multiple accounts on the same exchange

    RR Tool: a variety of improvements and bugfixes around entry point calculation and stops

    Scaled Order: preview of denom & avg fill price line

    Screener: The unknown funding rates symbols are now pushed to the bottom when sorted

    Mobile Trading: experimental introduction of some long press gestures (e. g., to adjust quick order size)

    Mobile Trading: fixed Quick Order module crash in some older versions of iOS Safari

    Alpha.42 changes

    Scaled Orders: preview denom & avg fill price line

    TWAP Orders: limit bumped up from 100 to 1000

    Alpha.40 changes

    TWAP: added (Experimental)

    Tick Charts: added (Experimental)

Sep 11 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.2

  • New Features Added:
    • Implemented Popover Klines support for Screener Module Tickers
    • Implemented Klines when hovering over favorite / last markets
    • Implemented ability to edit open positions columns by right clicking
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Improved handling of user login errors
  • Bugfixes:
    • Further fixes for auto-updater agent
    • Fixes for PnL not properly showing, or disappearing when switching symbols
    • Fix for banner not remembering when it should be hidden
    • Fix for Reverse Position not working correctly if in a hedged position
    • Fixes & improvements for Scaled Orders (# rounding errors, etc)

Sep 7 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.3.0

  • New Features Added:
    • Implemented buttons to take trades based on results of the News Feed & Twitter modules
    • Implemented Tree News feed module
    • Implemented Tap-To-Trade for mobile devices
    • Implemented Trailing Stop support for Bybit Classic
    • Added Reflink cards to API page
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Enabled Eye by default
    • Improvements to UI/UX (depth chart, leverage and effective leverage colors, etc)
    • Improvements to custom theming especially on mobile
    • Improved backend handling of Klines for Binance & Woo
    • Updated TradingView lib, along with fixes for saving profile & studies
    • Updated backend systems to support future upcoming changes
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixes for Pepe's not displaying properly in PnL card gallery
    • Fix for Firefox browsers sometimes freezing on resize
    • Fix for Desktop Windows client sometimes freezing when left in background
    • Fix for order sizes sometimes defaulting to a comma instead of a period on mobile
    • Fix for Woo balance sometimes not updating visually unless forced by hard refresh
    • Fix for Woo partial fills not triggering an update in the Open Positions tab
    • Fix for Woo sometimes showing negative account margin
    • Fixed a regression bug on Binance with leverage not persisting
    • Fixes for Phemex USDT (Eye, hedged positions, and iso short setting not persisting)

Aug 26 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.2.4

  • New Features Added:
    • Finalized support for Woo Exchange
    • Implemented Workspaces allowing users to edit, duplicate, export their workspaces easily
    • Added a banner for promotion of campaigns and signups
    • Added a setting to show or hide warning dialogs (ie flatten all positions)
    • Added additional hotkeys (such as for RR tool)
    • Added News Feed and some other modules
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Improvements & Fixes for PnL cards, especially for Mac
    • Improvements to scaled orders and better handling of throttling situations
    • Improvements to privacy mode and scaled orders
    • Adjustments to Woo rate limits to avoid throttling
    • Backend support for TWAP starts being implemented
    • Updates for Electron and underlying support systems
  • Bugfixes:
    • Various fixes and improvements to Bybit V5 support (including UM)
    • Fix for TradingView timezone sometimes not saving
    • Fixes and improvements to Custom Theming (depth chart, etc)
    • Fixes for Binance Inverse markets
    • Fixes for Phemex candlesticks and USDT order editing
    • Fixes for partially filled limit orders sometimes displaying wrong values

Aug 11 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.2.2

  • New Features Added:
    • Additional themes added (Lala, etc)
    • Added a top-panel button to quickly take users to the WSOT page. (Can be repurposed for other comps)
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Improvements to certain themes (Chroma, etc)
    • New traders added to twitter list (such as Toros)
  • Bugfixes:
    • Tons of fixes and updates to Position History system
    • Tons of fixes and improvements to Bybit Unified support systems
    • Various fixes for Bybit Classic (V2) api
    • Fixes for Scaled Orders price-to-percent not behaving correctly
    • Fixed a bug with the warning dialog popup on flatten position button not working correctly
    • Fixed a bunch of issues with the AutoUpdater agent
    • Fixes for partial TP/SL opening unexpected hedge positions sometimes
    • Fixes for Bitget relating to order executions, leverage switchinh, and Inverse visuals
    • Fixed an error in Bybit about position mismatch
    • Fixes for Woo infinite stops not displaying correctly
    • Fix for Woo websocket order bug

Jul 25 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.1.7

  • Changes & Improvements
    • Implemented search function for memes in PnL cards
    • Implemented rate limiting to backend to help prevent exchanges throttling us
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixes for switching chart while active chaser order is running
    • Fix for certain hotkeys to also trigger TradingView functions unexpectedly
    • Fixes for last candle sometimes not drawing on a hard refresh of terminal
    • Fixes for PnL % sometimes being incorrect on chart
    • Fixes & Improved Woo support (50x leverage, trade duration, chart refreshing incorrectly)
    • Fix for Theming issues with orderbook
    • Fix for some TradingView Drawings
    • Fix for exporting themes
    • Fix for Risk Profile on Bitget when in a hedged position
    • Fix for Bitget orders sometimes disappearing when adding more then one stop
    • Fix for Margin display issues on Woo
    • Fix for Bitmex Quantos Realized PnL

Jul 5 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.1.2

  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Improvements & fixes for community themes (Chroma, WWG, etc)
    • Tons of fixes & improvements to Bybit Unified Margin account support
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixes for Woo (incorrect leverage visuals, market close bug)
    • Fixes for Bitmex (Margin Formatting, hotkeys sometimes not working)
    • Fixes for Bybit Classic & UM (wallet details, visual bug with orders disappearing)
    • Fix for audio popping sound bug
    • Fix for PnL sometimes freezing on chart
    • Fix to be able to set size to 0 on order form
    • Fixes for RR (long/short tool)

Jun 19 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.0.19

  • New Features Added:
    • Implemented support for Eye (seeing % change on ticker symbols)
    • Implementation of Community Themes (btcsniper, Chroma, etc)
    • Implementation of Community PnL Cards (ScalperC, etc)
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Improvements to PnL cards (Closed Position, Duration)
    • Implemented code to attempt to recover backend websocket if unexpected disconnection occurs
    • Further fixes & improvements to Theming (Color picker, etc)
    • Improvements to position history & arrows on chart
    • Improvements & fixes for Woo
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix for SL disappearing visually on Mobile
    • Fix for Depth Chart infinite spinning wheel (OKX/Bitmex)
    • Fixes for various animation delays
    • Fixes for Screener funding rates
    • Fixes for BingX
    • Fixes for Bitget orderbook & mark price getting stuck
    • Fixes for Phemex (Editing Orders, Accounts with 0 trades causing issues, etc)
    • Fixes for Tradingview Lib

Jun 5 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.0.14

  • New Features Added:
    • Full support for BingX begins
    • Added Screener Module
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Tons of improvements & fixes to Custom Theming
    • Improvements to back-end server for managing load during high volume events
    • Show % on position even when privacy mode enabled
    • Improvements to candle backfilling of data
    • Improved support for Bybit Unified Margin
  • Bugfixes:
    • Lots of fixes for Woo & BingX
    • Fixes for Bitmex (iso lev)
    • Fixes for Bitget Charts (Gapping Klines, etc)
    • Fixes for Funding (Visual bug)
    • Fixes for disconnect handling to be more graceful
    • Fixes for being unable to cancel orders via orderbook if custom theme enabled

May 22 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.0.11

  • New Features Added:
    • Initial support for Woo Exchange
    • Backend support begins for BingX
    • Added support for Hedge Mode & USDT Markets on Phemex
    • Added Polling Interval change support for Limit Chaser orders
    • Additional keybind functions (such as f and g while clicking chart)
    • Additional improvements to Privacy Mode (email address hiding, etc)
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Can favorite markets from top bar, and use categories to search symbols in TV search bar
  • Bugfixes:
    • Various fixes for backend support (Better order creation handling etc)
    • Fix for chart jumping sometimes
    • Fix for CloseOnTrigger & leverage slider, and other bugs for Bitmex
    • Fix for Gray Screen crash
    • Fix for too many decimals on PnL & RoE on chart
    • Fixes for various issues related to BingX and Woo support
    • Fixes Quantos assets (Wallet, contract sizing, uPnL, etc)
    • Fixes for Multi-Acc streaming
    • Fixes for ghost orders on chart
    • Fixes for Position History (Duration, etc)
    • Fixes for Custom Theming not saving properly

May 9 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 2.0.0

  • New Features Added:
    • Added Margin % Slider bar to place order module
    • Added Limit Chaser orders
    • Added % change indicator for positions when adding new orders on chart
    • Added RR (Long/Short) tool
    • Added Speed Dial orders
    • Added initial Privacy Mode (hiding pnl, etc)
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Migration of servers from US to Singapore (API Migration)
    • Support full TP/SL for Binance
    • Markets Dropdown menu added
    • Improvements to backend for handling user connections
    • Minor UI/UX improvements (Such as hiding footer in full-screen)
    • New TS Logo & Button linking to Docs
    • Updated various backend systems
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fix for disappearing orders when edited
    • Fixes for Mobile & Market Importer
    • Fixes for Phemex USDT, and some OKX issues
    • Fixes for Bitget (Inverse, USDC, Position Mode Switching)
    • Fixes for Bybit mode change and leverage slider
    • Fixes for Chart Drawings Snapping
    • Fixes for Custom Theming
    • Fix for leverage slider sometimes going invisible

Mar 12 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 1.5.33

  • New Features Added:
    • Initial Custom Theming implemented
    • Browser View widget added
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Binance Infinity stops enabled by default
    • Seconds chart restored with various fixes
    • Improvements for the back-end rate limits
    • Make Unread notif popups more visible
    • Archived seasonal PNL cards until next holiday
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixes for Market Importer
    • Fix for Depth Chart overlay getting stuck
    • Fixes for PNL Cards
    • Fixes for Phemex, OKX, Bitget, and Binance
    • Misc fixes under the hood

Jan 15 2023 Tealstreet Terminal - 1.5.29

  • New Features Added:
    • Holiday PnL cards
    • Flatten all positions button & hotkey
    • Confirmation Dialog for severe actions (Like flatten position button)
  • Changes & Improvements:
    • Adjusted chart alignment to be left-aligned
    • Improved functionality of the Risk Profile
    • Improved load time for Bitget
  • Bugfixes:
    • Various fixes for Binance (Margin, mark price, orderbook, etc)
    • Fixes for Lev Calculations & scaled orders

Dec 14 2022 Tealstreet Terminal - 1.5.20

  • New Features Added:
    • Support for multiple Basic Charts
    • Added position liquidation line to chart
    • Enable / disable liquidation line with toggle
    • Dark mode application theme
    • PnL Cards
    • Percent Trading Mode
    • ROI vs ROE Percent Support
    • TP/SL bracket orders by dragging the TradingView chart lines
    • TradingView Chart Fill arrow size and opacity slider
  • Changes & improvements:
    • Changed enable/disable History Arrows setting to toggle switch
    • Enhanced responsiveness and improved refresh time
    • Support for Binance CoT partial stops
    • Setting/option to only show favorited markets while focused on Exchange key
    • OKX margin type
  • Check out the full release blog

Sep 28 2022 Tealstreet Terminal - 1.5.0

  • New Features Added:
    • Workspaces
    • Execution History on Chart
    • Margin Slider/Cost
    • Favorites Side Bar
    • PnL Percentage (%) Hover
    • Open Orders Window
    • Add/Remove Columns
    • New Hotkeys
    • Trailing Stops on FTX
  • New Beta Features Added:
    • Position History
    • Bracket Orders (beta)
  • Major Improvements and Optimizations to OKEx

May 20 2022 Tealstreet Terminal - 1.4.0

  • Various Optimizations
    • Instant Order Placement Feedback
    • Realtime Chart Data
    • Desktop App
  • New Features Added:
    • Scaled Orders
    • Second(s) Time Frames on Chart
    • Chart Hover Depth Chart Integration
    • More Notification Control
    • Favorite List Improvements
    • Market Search
  • Various additional hotkeys added as well hot key improvments
  • Various bug fixes

Feb 21 2022 Tealstreet Terminal - 1.2.x

  • No more waitlist for new signups
  • Improved stability and increased responsiveness
  • Various bug fixes
  • New Features Added:
    • Second Basic Chart
    • Twitter Feed
    • New Visibility Settings
    • Chart Denominations
  • Check out the full release blog and Twitter Post

Sep 11 2021 Tealstreet Beta Release

  • New updated version of Tealstreet released for beta users.
  • Phased rollout with waitlist for new signups
  • New Features Added:
    • Two new orderbook/depthchart modes – cumulative, individual, and combined
    • Support for six exchanges – FTX, Binance, Bybit, BitMEX, OKEx, and Phemex
    • Support for perpetual and dated futures in both linear and inverse (USD margined and Coin margined)
    • Combined wallet support to show all of your assets
    • Ability to set size in base or quote currency
    • Order placement in base or quote currency (USD or BTC)
    • Native keyboard shortcuts
    • Multiple account support – see all your positions without having to switch API keys
  • Improved stability and increased responsiveness

Mar 15 2021 Various Fixes / Updates

  • Fixed bybit testnet
  • Fixed bitmex post order bug

Mar 14 2021 Various Fixes / Updates

  • Setting to change location of notifications.
  • Increased threshold for websocket disconnect detection.
  • Can choose unit for quick size buttons.
  • Can customize quick order offsets.

Mar 9 2021 Various Fixes / Updates

  • Fixed loading problem on Safari (iOS / Mac).
  • Fixed websocket connection drop issue.
  • Moved toaster notification boxes to bottom left on desktop machines.
  • Fixed bug where numpad component caused scrolling glitch on close.
  • Made sidenav hidden.
  • Fixed depth chart max depth being half of max depth of orderbook.
  • Increased server capacity.

Feb 21 2021 Relocated / Updated Server

  • Servers have been moved back because latency was a huge issue for some reason in Singapore.
  • Scaled up the database capacity.
  • Testing out hot swapping updates to prevent any downtime.
  • No feature changes in this update, just server maintenance.