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Copy Trading (BETA)

Copy Trading Setup (Top Button)

Tealstreet Copy Trading is a feature that allows you to copy the trades of specific traders.

  • For now this means TraderSamwise & Pocky only.
  • This is also currently limited to users in the Beta test group using a Tealstreet reflink.
    • You can request access to the beta on our discord. Contact us for more information.

Copy Trading - Traders

Copy Trading - Traders
  • The principal traders are a curated group of traders that you can copy trades from if you want to do so.
    • Only certain traders will be permitted to be principal traders for the time being.
    • For now this means only TraderSamwise.
    • The principal trader has to accept your request to copytrade.

Using copytrading will be limited to accounts that have used a Tealstreet Ref-Link.

Copy Trading - Copiers

Copy Trade - Copiers
  • The Copying section will show which traders have signed up under a principal.

Requesting Access to a Principal Trader

Requesting access to a Principal Copytrader
  1. Select an API key you wish to enable copy-trading on.
  2. Re-Enter your existing API Keys Encryption Password.
  3. Enter the size multiplier you wish to use.
  4. Click Submit.
  • For now cross-exchange copying is experimental and not really recommended. Best results will likely be achieved by copying a trader on the same exchange as you.
  • Size Multiplier: This is the multiplier that will be applied to the principal traders position size. If the principal trader opens a 1 BTC position and you have a size multiplier of 2, then you will open a 2 BTC position.
    • If the principal withdraws / deposits margin then the system will update the multiplier proportionally.
      • An email is expected to go out to all copiers when this happens.

This feature is still in BETA. Please use it with caution.


Your encryption password is never shared. What happens is that a copy of your api key gets re-encrypted with the principals encryption password. To read more about this please see our API Encryption page.

FAQ / Troubleshooting

  • Can I adjust my size multiplier after I created the request?

    • Currently no, this functionality is expected in a future update.
      • For now just cancel current copy and request a new one with the modified multiplier