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Connecting Bybit to Tealstreet

You can follow along in the video or the steps below:


Watch the video Tutorial on YouTube. Click Here.

  1. First, make sure you are logged into your Bybit account.

  2. Second, log into your Tealstreet account.


Its a good idea to keep both Tealstreet and Bybit tabs open.

  1. Once you have successfully logged into Tealstreet, navigate to the header titled ‘API Keys’

  2. Click the blue button titled ‘New API Key’


  1. Choose Bybit from the dropdown menu.


  1. Now you are ready to generate the API Keys within your Bybit Account. Head on over to the Bybit tab and:
  • Click on the User Icon.
  • Select API from the dropdown menu.


  1. On the API Key page click on the Create New Key Button to start the key creation process.



You can get to this page directly by navigating to this link

  1. Now you are ready to choose the settings of your Bybit API Key pair.


1. Choose ‘Connect to Third-Party Applications.’ 

2. Choose a nickname for your API Key. It can be helpful to choose a name like Tealstreet if you have multiple API Keys. This nickname is only visible on Bybit's website.

3. Choose the ‘Read-Write’ permission. Do not choose ‘Read-Only.’

4. Select ‘Orders’ and ‘Positions’ in the Contract permission type. Do not select any others.

5. Double check all the selections are correct and then click ‘Submit’ at the top right of the screen.

a. A popup will appear next and prompt you to submit your 2FA code linked to your Bybit account.

b. Once you submit the 2FA code, you will see a new popup from Bybit with your API Key details. You need to paste those details into the API Key page of Tealstreet.

Never share your API Keys with anyone.

  1. Once you have created the API Key on Bybit’s website, you are ready to fill out the information on Tealstreet’s API KEYS page.


1.  Ensure you have Bybit selected as the exchange.

2. Consider supporting Tealstreet by using the referral link. Traders will receive 10% off fees (lower fees helps trader profitability!).

3. By choosing Tealstreet as the 3rd party application on Bybit's API creation page, you do not need to manually copy & paste IP addresses for whitelisting.

4. Choose a name for your Bybit account. You can choose any name you like. It is helpful for traders who utilize multiple accounts and/or subaccounts.

5. Choose your Encryption Password. Remember to save this somewhere! You will need to input this password when you navigate back to the trade page of the trading terminal.

6. Paste the API Key provided by Bybit here.

7. Paste the API Secret provided by Bybit here.

8. Click ‘Create.’

Be sure to double check you do not confuse API Key and API Secret. Connecting your Bybit exchange account to Tealstreet will not work if these fields are not inputted correctly.

  1. If all the details are correct, you will have successfully linked your Bybit account to Tealstreet. Navigate to the ‘Trade’ page of Tealstreet and select the Bybit account from the dropdown menu. If properly linked, you will see your balance/collateral appear in the Margin window of Tealstreet. Happy trading!!!