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Adjusting Frames & Windows

Adjusting the Frames & Windows of the Tealstreet Terminal

Adjusting the layout of Tealstreet is straightforward.

  1. If you want to change the size of a window or placement first make sure the lock icon shows unlocked.

  2. Now you can use your cursor to drag the windows to adjust the size. Click and hold the bottom right corner of the window and then drag to change the window size.



You can also move the entire window with your cursor. Click the Top Right Corner of the window and drag it to your preferred position.


Adjusting the columns of the various windows & modules

You can also adjust the columns of the various windows & modules. Right-click on any column header and you will see a list of all the columns available for that window.


  • Click on the column you want to add.
  • Click reset to return the window to default.
  • click remove to remove the currently selected column from the window.