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This is the Orderbook window of Tealstreet. It displays current Bids on the left and Asks on the right based on your currently selected crypto and the selected exchange/API.



On the left side of the window you will see a blue slider bar. Moving the bar adjusts the grouping of bids/asks by an amount depending on the crypto. BTC for example ranges from 0.5 (lowest) to 25 (highest).



The best settings on the slider bar depend on the crypto you are trading. For a crypto like XRP, you might want the lowest setting. For BTC, you might want a higher setting but it comes down to user preferences.

Bids and Asks

If you click on a price on the 'Bids' or 'Asks' sides of the orderbook, those prices will be reflected in the Place Order box. You can cancel a single open order by clicking the yellow X.


Clicking the blue 'Orders' button will cancel all open orders immediately.